About OYA:

OYA (On Your Arm) is more than just a brand. It is a celebration of style, glamour and elegance for the modern woman. OYA was born out of a vision to offer local luxury with a global appeal. Our handbags are crafted from pure, hundred percent genuine leather and designed to blend into your lifestyle and
transcend trends.

Our Mission:

OYA is the brainchild of Nida Shahbazker, a passionate creator who manufactures pure leather handbags that make a statement. She understands the diverse roles and challenges that a modern woman faces and she wants to create bags that can accompany her from day to night with ease and grace.

Our Belief:

At OYA, we believe that every woman has her own unique style and personality. We believe that style is a form of self-expression and empowerment. Our bags are not meant to define you, but to enhance your uniqueness.

Our Confidence:

Our confidence stems from the quality and style of our products. We are proud of our identity and vision. We are confident in our ability to create bags that inspire you and others. We are OYA, and we invite you to join us.